The hunt for South Florida’s greatest small businesses is on

Our Ideal Holding Period is Forever

Barr Dynamics LLC is actively adding promising businesses to its portfolio. Our primary interest is in acquiring South Florida operating businesses with a strong earnings history, low or no debt, and, most of all, a competitive moat. We plan own and operate businesses for the long term. 

Like Warren Buffett, our ideal holding period is forever. We don’t do turnarounds and we don’t acquire companies in the hopes of a “greater fool” will take it off our hands a few years at a tidy profit. We’re not inherently against selling our acquisitions, especially when the price is attractive because our business would be more valuable under the buyer than under us, but we never acquirer companies we believe we must sell within a certain period. 

And unlike Berkshire Hathaway, we have the advantage of being able to focus on smaller acquisitions in the $2 – $10 million range. We’re not so big that we can only make elephant-sized acquisitions. 



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